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West Plains District

4-H Youth Development 


 4-H is a nationwide program led by state land-grant universities in cooperation with local county/district extension councils. In Kansas, 4-H is the largest youth educational program, aside from public schools. Each of the four H's on the clover represent ways youth can grow and develop in 4-H.

What Youth Learn By Being A 4-H Member:

Kansas 4-H youth development believes that youth will gain the 5 C's throughout their 4-H career:

  1. Caring
  2. Confidence
  3. Connection
  4. Character
  5. Competence

It is believed that youth who develop these five core competencies will develop a sixth C, and make a 'Contribution' to their communities.

4-H... Making an Impact!!

Additional benefits of 4-H were measured through an impact study completed by the Youth Development Program Focus Team (PFT). The purpose of the study was to gain insight from 4-Hers in the state of Kansas about what core values they earned through 4-H. The conclusions of the study are shown in the following report.

Finney County 4-H

Finney County has over 200 enrolled 4-Hers from rural and urban backgrounds. 


There are seven Finney County 4-H Clubs. Each 4-H Club has their own unique strengths and passions.

  • Beacon Boosters
  • Finney Flyers
  • Happy Hustlers
  • Kourageous Kids
  • Sherlock Strivers
  • Tigers & Wildcats
  • Wide Awake

To find out which club is right for you, stop by the Extension Office for more information on becoming a

4-H member.

What does it cost to be in 4-H?

There is a $15 per member fee to be in 4-H.  There is no charge for Cloverbud members or adult/youth volunteers.

What projects are available through 4-H?

4-H is not only for farm kids. From Visual Arts & Crafts, Rocketry, Foods & Nutrition, there is a project for everyone! To see what all 4-H has to offer, please view the project selection guides below.