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West Plains District

Record Book Forms

Each 4-Her is required to submit their Personal Page, Permanent Record, and write a 4-H story at the end of the 4-H year.

Additionally, 4-Hers can complete a Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP) for each of their 4-H projects and be eligible for achievement pins.

These pins will be handed out at the annual Achievement Banquet that is held in November. 4-Hers will need to complete a KAP and submit them to their club for county KAP judging. 4-Hers 16 and older may qualify for area and state KAP judging thereafter. We highly encourage 4-Hers to complete the Kansas Award Portfolio.

 Below is a link for all the forms in Microsoft Word, PDF, and RTF.

Record Book Forms

KAP Forms

Need Help? A record book training will be held on Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 2pm in the 4-H Building.

Member Achievement Pins

Throughout your 4-H Career, youth are eligible to complete Member Achievement Plans. They will earn membership pins by being active in their clubs & projects and filling out the proper forms:

Award Forms

Enrollment Forms

Officer's Training

Officer's Training will be held in the fall of each year for those who have been elected an officer of their 4-H Club.

Officer's Training for 2020 will be Sunday,October 25th at 3pm in the 4-H Building.

Livestock Forms

Please remember to submit your livestock household declaration form by May 15th each year.

Horse Project Information

All horse project members need to complete their Horse ID papers by May 1st of each year.